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Max McKenzie comes from a three-generation furniture family. He is passionate about all things furniture, from the history of its development and refinement, to design and craftsmanship, to modern manufacturing and finishing. His experience and expertise spans all periods and styles, and includes, of course, fabrics and leathers. He is owner of McKenzie Galleries & Commercial, one of Houston's oldest resources for interior furnishings.


No elbows on the table—and other burning holiday mealtime issues

November 14 2015

Not so long ago, only crude spoons, knives, pewter mugs and roughly carved wooden platters or troughs were used in any real sense for western dining. Along with those were certain dining habits thought to be proper—serving the foundation for manners today (see previous entry).

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Smelling other people

November 03 2015

Holidays are on the way, meaning families will gather for sit down meals. Elbows off the table, napkin in your lap, and the in general, not at the dinner table will be heard all across the nation. But just where did these rules come from? Well, from the masters of eating—the Italians.

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Vast selection—few real choices

October 11 2015

Flexibility in design has become more difficult to achieve, forcing designers to settle more and more—settle for something close enough, rather than just right. Behind the “why” are a lot of reasons, but one is that most manufacturers depend on imports that only come one way, making it harder for designers to stick with an original design scheme; even forcing a mid-stream change in color schemes to accommodate pieces that are available, instead of maintaining the original design integrity.

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